Music live streams have become more popular in the last couple of years and are a vital tool now for modern music marketing. So we thought it would be a great idea to show you in this episode of RME Blueprints, how to set up a YouTube live stream with an RME Audio interface.

Creating and saving speaker preset on X Series amplifiers and then syncing on line and off line devices on Armonía.

The Ferrofish A32 Dante is the perfect addition to any Dante network where affordable analog, ADAT or MADI connections are needed. It will be perfectly at home on stage for playback of backing tracks, in the studio for digitizing analog gear - or working with analog mixers, or in installation applications where multi-channel analog or digital audio is required throughout a facility.
Frustrated that your material doesn't sound so great on other systems? See how GLM software calibrates Genelec SAM monitors to get the most out of your room - ensuring that your mixes translate perfectly. Read more about the GLM software:
Babyface Pro 24-Channel 192 kHz bus-powered professional USB Audio Interface More info: Progressive Interface Babyface Pro features new standalone operations and rock solid stability, making it the perfect solution for mobile recording. It seamlessly integrates specially engineered main I/O XLR sockets into the aluminium housing, along with 2 headphone outputs on TRS and mini-jack.
The Ferrofish Verto Series is a range of new digital converters designed for seamless integration of ADAT and MADI devices with existing Dante networks. Available in three different versions, the Verto Series offers a simple method for adding Dante interfacing to your setup in a compact and portable solution.
EVOX is the professional RCF answer to small satellite-subwoofer or column style portable speakers. EVOX, designed for live sound, exceeds the portability and the performances of other existing products.

Marshank Group quick introduction to Powersoft's X4.

Noise level of the Powersoft X4 fan vs. the fan noise of a similar amplifier.